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New Insecticides Bring Growers, Turf Professionals Long-Lasting Control

Residual activity from 3rd generation neonicotinoid protects crops and turf longer and more effectively

November 17, 2009

GUELPH, Ontario—Growers and turf professionals across Canada have two new, longer-lasting insecticides to help them get a strong start to the 2010 season: Clutch 50 WDG Insecticide and Arena 50 WDG Insecticide from Valent Canada—Crop and Professional Products.

The products, both with the active ingredient clothianidin, are third generation neonicotinoids that feature some of the longest-lasting residual control available. The newer generation chemistry in Clutch and Arena provides distinct advantages over older neonicotinoids, including very low water solubility across a variety of soil types, yet a consistent, quick uptake into the plant.

“Our customers need products they can count on throughout the season to control their tough insect issues,” said Beth Connor, Valent Canada registration and development manager. “Clutch and Arena will give growers and turf professionals the peace of mind that they have a product that stays where it is applied, works consistently and fits well into their overall crop or turf protection programs.” 

Clutch Insecticide: For use on potatoes, apples, pears and grapes

When fighting tough pests in potatoes, tree fruit and grapes, research has shown Clutch consistently outperforms older generation neonicotinoids. Additionally, Clutch gives growers maximum flexibility and value through its consistent control and short pre-harvest interval (PHI).

Clutch provides control across the following pests:

  • Potatoes: Controls Colorado potato beetle, aphid and leafhopper
  • Apples: Controls aphid, leafhopper, plum curculio and leafminer and suppresses oriental fruit moth and codling moth
  • Pears: Controls pear psylla, aphid, leafhopper, plum curculio and leafminer and suppresses oriental fruit moth and codling moth
  • Grapes: Controls leafhopper, grape phylloxera, thrips and mealy bug

In tree fruit applications, Clutch should be applied post-bloom (after petal fall in pears when bee hives have been removed) or in-season in grapes. Clutch has local translaminar and systemic movement following a foliar spray. Trial results show translaminar movement within 30 minutes after a Clutch application.

Arena Insecticide: For use on turfgrass, sod farms, golf courses and professional lawn care

For turf professionals, Arena is the only preventive and curative product with the longest, most consistent residual control of white grubs and other surface-feeding insects.

Additionally, with a wide window of application that lasts from May to September, Arena helps expand grub control options for turf professionals, giving them more flexibility to apply effective turf protection on their own terms.

Arena controls the following pests:

  • Turf, sod farms, golf courses, residential lawns: European chafer, Japanese beetle, hairy chinch bug, annual bluegrass weevil, bluegrass billbug, European crane fly (leather jacket)

Engage Agro Corporation of Guelph, Ontario, will be the exclusive distributors of both Clutch and Arena in Canada. For more information about Engage Agro, call 866-613-3336 or visit www.engageagro.com.

About Valent Canada

For more information about Clutch or Arena, Valent Canada Corporation or the full product line, call (519) 822-7043.

Clutch and Arena are two of the many quality products from Valent Canada, including plant growth regulators, herbicides and insecticides. Valent's product line includes leading brands such as BroadStar™ Herbicide, Chateau® Herbicide, DiPel® Insecticide, Distance® Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), Fascination® Plant Growth Regulator (PGR), Foray® Biological Insecticide, MaxCel® PGR, Payload Herbicide, Promalin® PGR, ReTain PGR, Sumagic PGR, SureGuard™ Herbicide, VectoBac® Biological Insecticide and Velocity Herbicide.